For as long as I can remember I've been a creative person, loving many different forms of art and dabbling here and there. My love for dolls are some of my earliest memories, and I played with them secretly long after an acceptable age when my friends had moved on to boys. So naturally my two passions would join together and now I get to use my creative gifts to "play" dolls all the time. 

I began sculpting in 2005 drawing my inspiration from my love of animals. In 2006 I began selling my art online and have enjoyed a fulfilling career making dolls ever since. Each and every doll that I make starts from a lump of polymer clay and forms into something that comes from where, I don't really know. Every time I sit down to sculpt is a new experience and I get lost in what I am creating. At times frustrating, and always a learning and growing experience.

I am humbly reminded of the Master's hand who created me, and am grateful that he bestowed upon me a creative spirit.

Thanks to all my wonderful customers who reside all over the world! And thanks for stopping by!



The Beautiful Pacific Northwest